Velasco: Late Cebu City Rep. Del Mar would’ve been deputy speaker under my term


Credit: Read the original article from Cebu Daily News Headlines.

MANILA, Philippines — Speaker Lord Allan Velasco on Tuesday mourned the passing of Cebu City Rep. Raul del Mar, who he said would have been his deputy speaker during his term.

Del Mar passed away on Monday evening in a hospital in Manila, where he attended virtual plenary sessions and public hearings of the House of Representatives.

“While in the hospital, Representative del Mar still proved his passion and commitment to public service, attending virtual plenary sessions and public hearings of the House of Representatives in order to fulfill his duties and mandate as a lawmaker. Never a day in his job was he absent,” Velasco said in a statement.

“The dedication of Congressman del Mar to public service is truly remarkable and serves as an inspiration to many. We owe him a debt of gratitude. He will be missed,” he  added.

Velasco described Del Mar as a “mentor to me and many others,” adding that  the latter’s dedication to public service serves as an “inspiration to many.”

The Speaker extended his condolences to the family of Del Mar.

The cause of death has yet to be revealed by Del Mar’s family. / JPV


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