Tribunal ‘sternly warns’ Robredo, Marcos camps over public remarks on poll protest


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Tribunal ‘sternly warns’ Robredo, Marcos camps over public remarks on poll protest

Kristine Joy Patag ( – November 10, 2020 – 5:33pm

MANILA, Philippines — The Supreme Court, sitting as Presidential Electoral Tribunal, reiterated its warning to the parties of former Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos and Vice President Leni Robredo to refrain from discussing the pending poll protest.

“The [tribunal] again warns the parties in the PET Case No. 005 (Marcos, Jr. v. Robredo) to strictly observe the sub judice rule pursuant to its earlier resolutions,” the statement from the SC Public Information Office read.

The PET said it is taking note of the recent appearances and statements of the parties of Marcos and Robredo and their representatives in different platforms of media.

Marcos on Monday filed a motion for inhibition against Associate Justice Marvic Leonen. After the filing, he and his spokesperson Vic Rodriguez held a virtual press conference on their filing. Robredo’s lawyers, meanwhile, released a statement in reaction to pleading filed.

The two parties granted a separate TV interview on Tuesday morning.

The PET stressed: “These are not the proper venues to litigate their case.”

The tribunal reiterated their earlier resolutions on Feb. 13 and March 20, 2018 directing the two parties to strictly observe the sub judice rule. During this period, the representatives of Marcos and Robredo have been issuing statements on supposed wet ballots and “missing” audit logs prior to the recount on the three pilot provinces in the case.

In June 2018, the PET ordered Robredo and Marcos to pay P50,000 as fine for violation of the subjudice rule.

The PET added: “The parties, their counsels and their agents are sternly warned that any more violation of this order shall be dealt with more severely.”

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Leonen inhibition

Marcos and the Solicitor General Jose Calida, in a separate and unrelated pleadings, are seeking the recusal of Leonen, member-in-charge of the case, from the poll protest.

Marcos is accusing Leonen of manifesting partiality in favor of Robredo and delaying the proceedings of the poll protest.

Calida, meanwhile, said it is acting as “People’s Tribune” in pushing for Leonen’s inhibition. He said the justice’s “inaction” and his “expressed disdain” of the Marcoses compelled him to move for his inhibition.

Asked on the court’s action on the motions, SC spokesperson Brian Hosaka said the tribunal has yet to act on the pleadings.


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