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Paolo dela Fuente, creator of Timplado, has made it easy for everyone
to get fine food and ingredients in spite of quarantine.

The quarantine forced us all to find creative ways to do our groceries. Suddenly there were buyers for wet markets, Viber groups for tips on where to get various produce, Facebook food groups where vendors could continue to sell their products, online and delivery options for some supermarkets, and of course the rider apps that extended their services to include ordering from restaurants.

One creative solution that emerged was This is an online deli with curated food products.

I came across it only recently but I love how the website works, possibly because of its clean layout and easy interface, making it a pleasant experience even for someone who is not keen on online shopping.

Visit the website, you just add to your cart, check out, choose your delivery options, confirm payment, and they will then deliver within the day if you order by their stated deadline or the following day if you miss the deadline.

Take note that this is a site for something extra, not for items that you can get at your regular grocery store.

For instance, they have 20 kinds of longganisa.

Truth be told, browsing through their catalog felt like a lesson in Filipino food, as they have Ilocos, Cebu, Alaminos, Calumpit, Lucban, Tuguegarao, Vigan, Imus, and chicken longganisa, with subvarieties from some provinces. Now I am thinking of creating a longganisa basket with one variety of each for my Christmas giveaways.

They also have eight kinds of ramen kits.

Ramen is something that many people missed most during the lockdown because it’s not something that you can just recreate at home. Good ramen takes hours and skill to achieve.

I remember that when finally allowed out, the first treat that many of my friends went for was ramen.

With, you can now enjoy ramen at home. They have shoyu, miso, tantanmen and tonkotsu ramen kits, among others.

Then they also have Filipino breakfast favorites: tapa and tocino. Tapa options include the classic tapa but also Binabad or Cabanatuan pork tapa. For tocino, they have both pork and chicken.

The site’s creator, Paolo dela Fuente, used to run a restaurant in BF called Pito and Mita. So now they are also offering some ready-to-heat-to-eat items such as eggplant lasagna, Korean BBQ beef strips and parmesan-­crusted baked fish.

For a real splurge (read: cholesterol warning), they have these specialties: sisig from Everybody’s Cafe (you won’t have to go all the way to Pampanga anymore), pork belly crisps by Pito and Mita (think chicharon but in the form of chips), chori-burger patties (a real treat for 90s kids who miss Bun On the Run), and “thick cut, smokey, natural bacon” by Big Ben’s Kitchen.

So this is one good thing that has come out of the pandemic. We now have options like this and best of all, we can enjoy treats like Everybody’s Cafe sisig or ramen even at home.

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