Marshalls to oversee return of jeepneys in Cebu City


Credit: Read the original article from Cebu Daily News Headlines.

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Cebu City Mayor Edgardo Labella attends the  soft-launching of the Balik Pasada Program of the Cebu City Government on Monday, November 9, 2020, at the Plaza Sugbo in Cebu City | Photo courtesy of Cebu City PIO

CEBU CITY, Philippines — Marshalls will be deployed all over Cebu City to monitor the operations of jeepneys once they return to the streets in the next few days.

In a press conference on Tuesday, November 10, 2020, Cebu City Mayor Edgardo Labella said that he hears the concerns of the public with regard to their apprehension about the return of the jeepneys.

Many of the residents aired their concerns online that the return of the jeepneys may cause additional traffic and danger on the streets, as they reminisce the “jeepney culture” in the pre-pandemic.

Labella said that to mitigate the return of the “troubles,” marshalls will be assigned in various routes to check the implementation of health protocols.

“Marshalls dili lang motan-aw sa traffic, tana-won sad ang minimum health requirements,” said the mayor.

Among the requirements are that jeepneys must have plastic barriers, carry only a certain allowable capacity, and maintain social distancing. The drivers must also ensure that the passengers wear face masks and shields upon loading.

Furthermore, the jeepneys must follow the traffic rules such as loading and unloading only at jeepney stops, observing the speed limit, following all street signs and signals, and keeping the passengers safe.

Should they fail to do so, Labella said the city will have a one-strike policy. If they violate any traffic rule or health protocol, the driver will immediately be suspended.

The mayor encouraged the drivers that when they return to the streets with their jeepneys, they will be more obedient to the law and avoid violating traffic rules. /rcg


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