Lovable hunk keeps his friends’ ‘gaydars’ humming and ringing


Credit: Read the original article from Inquirer.

Life will definitely change for you once you figure on the “List of Sexy Celebrities Who are Actually Gay But Won’t Come Out Because of Their Hunky Image”—just like what happened to Lovable Trooper (LT).

Whenever LT would go clubbing (prepandemic) with a certain group, these so-called friends of his would look out of the corner of their eyes to check on whether LT was showing signs of being gay, especially when he was already tipsy.

Among themselves, they would crack jokes about LT being gay and then would swear by their “gaydar” (gay-detecting radar) that this observation was true.

It’s sad that people—especially those whom LT considers special enough for him to hang out with—would still choose to believe in rumors, even though LT has repeatedly denied having a secret affair with another actor-model.


This week’s top show biz news from the tabloids (and why we are moved, if we are moved.):

• Alden Richards walang balak mag-celebrate ng Pasko sa ibang bansa; balik sa lumang tradisyon. (Home is where the heart is.)

John Lloyd Cruz (right) with son Elias

• John Lloyd Cruz sa pagkakaroon ng anak: Ang lupet! Walang kasing saya. (Fatherhood becomes Lloydie.)

• Carla Abellana nagluluksa sa pagkamatay ng alagang aso: My heart is broken again. (It’s like losing a best friend…)

Jake Zyrus

• Jake Zyrus napa-OMG nang mawala ang dibdib; nag-sorry kay Charice. (If you’re feeling “senti,” you can always revisit Charice’s triumphs on the world stage…)

• Gabby Concepcion awang-awa kay KC: Umiiyak siya, ayaw ako iwanan. (Looks like she’s really that close to her biological father…)

• Hamon ni Angelica Panganiban kay Charo Santos: Gusto po naming makita kung paano kayo magalit. (Dear Angge, if you ever get your wish, we have a feeling it wouldn’t be very good for your career.)

• Mystica lumabag sa health protocols ng lock-in taping; umaming ayaw kay Kiray Celis. (Choosy, neng? Tsk. Just imagine if she were the star of the show. On second thought, we can’t. Re: Kiray, the feeling could be mutual, you know?)

• ‘Darna’ ni Jane de Leon itutuloy ng ABS-CBN sa 2021, pero… (It’s a bird, it’s a plane… it’s neither. This production has been a series of ifs and buts…)

• Matteo Guidicelli sa pagsasama nila ni Sarah Geronimo: Ang mahalaga, matuto kang magsabi ng, ‘kasalanan ko’. (We wonder what he had to apologize for…)

• John Estrada pinuri ang GMA sa ‘hindi tinipid’ na lock-in taping. (Yup, safety and convenience come first.)

Imelda Schweighart

• Ex-beauty queen Imelda Schweighart ipakukulong ang bashers: Walang iyakan! (You won’t find anybody ballsier. Go, gurl!)

• Lola ni Jake Zyrus nanawagan: Bakit mo ako ginanito anak? Ano bang kasalanan ko sa inyo? (Will her pleas fall on deaf ears? Abangan.)


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