Keepr trusts Project Assistant to translate big idea into reality


Credit: Read the original article from Manila Standard Business.

Filipinos have become increasingly tech-dependent. This has caused businesses to transform traditional models into tech-oriented and contactless transactions. In fact, many business owners are now developing their brands through custom-built platforms that consumers around the country can easily access.


Among Filipino entrepreneurs turning to app-based business solutions is Anna Moncupa, founder of Keepr Storage PH. When Moncupa recognized the benefits of a personal storage service accessible from a mobile device, she sought the help of Project Assistant, a company that provides digital solutions to startups and enterprises around the world.Moncupa chose Project Assistant over dozens of developers because it had something that the others did not: world-class quality. Not only did the firm turn her idea into a reality; it did so in ways that were on par with the rapid developments of the tech-world.”When you’re trying to change the market, you’ve got to look the part,” Moncupa said. “I don’t think I’ve seen anyone deliver results the way they do.”Launched in 2011, Project Assistant is an innovative technology firm that provides a host of world-class tech solutions that include comprehensive web marketing, design, branding and mobile app development. The company has helped entrepreneurs turn their ideas into actual websites and mobile apps, allowing businesses like Keepr to leave an impact on the local market.

“Smartphones are now an extension of people,” said co-founder Anthony Scolaro. “They’re  permanently attached to us. If you want to connect with people, you have to take advantage of that fact and put yourself inside that extension.”For Scolaro, it is important to maintain a human touch when developing their high-tech solutions. Through their high standard of service and their committed understanding towards product development, Project Assistant maintains strong customer retention by continuously serving a number existing clients for as long as 7 years.One can experience the digital craftsmanship of Project Assistant by downloading the Keepr Storage app or visiting Keepr’s website.Keepr provides users in Metro Manila with flexible storage solutions that can be easily accessed on both Android and Apple devices.


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