Jeepney Task Force recommends entry of inter-LGU jeepneys to Cebu City


Credit: Read the original article from Cebu Daily News Headlines.

CEBU CITY, Philippines—The Cebu City Jeepney Task Force will be recommending the entry of inter-city jeepneys here. 

The task force previously asked for a two-week observation period for the operation of the jeepneys in the city. 

After two weeks, Councilor James Cuenco, the head of the task force, said there is a need for additional jeepneys that would augment the transportation needs of the workers. 

Cuenco said that the inter-city jeepneys would reduce the passengers waiting at the borders and improve the situation as well. 

The only request of the Jeepney Task Force is that the inter-city jeepneys would follow the health protocols of the city including the space between passengers and installation of plastic barriers. 

“We think that the inter-city jeepneys would really help meet the demand for transportation,” said Cuenco. 

The recommendations would still need the approval of Mayor Edgardo Labella, but in previous statements, the mayor said he will abide with the recommendations of both the jeepney task force and the health authorities. 

Cuenco is confident that the mayor would approve their recommendations, seeing that the Balik Pasada program’s first roll-out was low with only 168 jeepneys successfully passing the inspections. 

Still, the councilor said that the mayor holds the final decision on inter-city jeepneys as other factors may also come to mind, like health protocols, traffic management, and others. 

Another executive order will be released should inter-city jeepneys will be allowed in Cebu City. 



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