How to keep makeup from smearing unto face masks


Credit: Read the original article from Cebu Daily News Lifestyle.

Wearing face masks has been an integral part of the people’s quarantine ensemble in time of the new normal.

While wearing one can protect us from the virus, it does not come without its minor set of problems, especially to those people who wear makeup on a daily basis.

Looking online, there are people who have shared their struggles with makeup as it smears unto the masks. True to the sense that most people find it senseless to wear makeup in time of a health crisis, for some it is just to instill a sense of normalcy.

So, if you are one of those people who want to stay COVID-19 free and still look fabulous at the same time, you’re in luck because professional makeup artists already have techniques and ways in transfer-proofing your makeup.

1.) Start with a primer

Always remember to prep your skin first before applying your foundation because it can either make or break your whole makeup look if not executed properly.

Start off with the use of a primer as it can help in filling in your pores, mattifying your skin, and can generally turn your face into an even canvas.

2.) Choose the right foundation

Professional makeup artists are suggesting to use a hydrating or light-weight foundation to make sure that it won’t budge under a mask. In applying the foundation, it’s best to use a smaller amount and to buff it well into the skin. Apply it with a foundation brush or a beauty sponge to achieve a flawless look.

3.) Touch up with a powder

The use of a powder after the foundation is essential as it prevents your foundation from rubbing off your face and to keep the oiliness at bay. It serves to seal your foundation and ensures that the products applied to your skin will stay better and longer.

4.) Color your lips with a lip stain

If you want to add some color to your lips, it’s best to use a lip stain instead of the usual lipstick. It’s possible for liquid lipsticks to crack and you wouldn’t want to leave a red pigment on your mask. Lip stains or lip balms, on the other hand, can leave you with a beautiful stain of color, moisturize your lips, and is transfer-proof.

5.) Finish with a setting spray

The most important thing to do is to use a setting spray to finish your look. The setting spray will keep your makeup in place and will give you that fresh and natural look. For optimal application, holding it at a distance will give you an even and thorough coverage. Spraying too close will do you more harm than good.



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