EXO Kai kabado sa solo album


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Finally ay naglabas na si EXO Kai ng self-titled album with six tracks, kasama na ang “Mmmh.”

Nagkaroon siya ng solo album pagkatapos ng walong taon at maging isa sa member ng EXO at nakasama sa Super M.

Pero sa kabila ng lahat, aminado ito na ninenerbiyos sa kanyang solo album.

Ayon kay Kai, “Since it’s my first time greeting fans with a solo album, I feel awkward, nervous, and excited. I wasn’t nervous until a moment ago. I had no thoughts, but after arriving here, I feel excited and nervous.”

“I’ve showcased solo performances at EXO concerts and shows, but I’m nervous and excited because it’s my first time officially releasing a solo album. Baekhyun achieved the title of ‘million seller‘ this year. I’m proud, and I’ve gained strength from that energy.”

Si Baekhyun ay nagsilbing host ng kanyang press conference.

May pahayag din ito sa kung ano ang naramdaman nang mapanood na niya ang MV (music video) niya.

“My heart hurts,” saad niya.

“Watching my first music video made my heart hurt and beat faster. Now it feels real.”

Tinanong din niya si Baekhyun. “Did you feel this way too?” at sagot ni Baekhyun, “When I first saw mine, I wondered, ‘Why am I so swollen?’ and could only see things like that. Kai’s music video definitely gives off the feeling of artist Kai.”

Sabi rin ni Kai, “I love EXO’s albums more than anyone else, but I tried hard to showcase songs, dances, and clothing styles that I like a little bit more through my solo album. The people around me are different. While promoting with EXO, I’m with the good looking members, but now I have dancers, so I wonder if people can focus on me a little bit more.”

Nagpapasalamat din si Kai sa ibang artists na nagbibigay ng suporta sa kanyang first solo attempt at lalo na sa mga fans.

Aniya, “I prepared hard with a thankful heart for our fans. It was a difficult and busy time, but I prepared while thinking of fans, and I could overcome everything. When I first debuted, self-satisfaction and the goals I wanted to achieve as an artist came first, but I’ve become sincere since I’ve received so much love from EXO-L and because they’ve approached me with sincerity. I hope fans think of this as a sincere expression my feelings. Rookie artist Kai begins now, so please look upon me well.”

Ni-release noong November 30 ang first title track na “Mmmp” sa You Tube alone. meron na itong mahigit 12 million views at nagta-top sa mga iTunes charts around the Globe.


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