Duterte: Killers of Mayor Perez ‘not in my office’


Credit: Read the original article from Manila Times.

PRESIDENT Rodrigo Duterte said his administration has nothing to do with the killing of Laguna Mayor Caesar Perez whom he earlier identified as among the officials allegedly involved in illegal drugs.


In his weekly talk to the nation on Monday, Duterte distanced himself from the so-called narco list of the administration, saying this was only provided to him by the police and military.


Perez was gunned down on Thursday. His son Aldous believes the killing of his father may have something to do with his inclusion in the narco list.


Iyang listahan na ‘yan hindi akin ‘yan. It’s a collation, lahat-lahat na ‘yan sa intelligence report sa mga drug enforcement at sa intelligence ng military, police. It’s a combination (That list is not mine. It’s a collation. All that came from intelligence reports from drug enforcement agencies, military and police. It’s a combination),” Duterte said.

Duterte said he had to come up with the name of officials suspected of being involved in drug trading so that the public will be aware and their “ascension to public office” will be prevented.


Duterte expressed sympathies to the children of Perez and said he was sorry their father was killed and that their father is on the list.


“First of all, I’m sorry that your father died the way it happened.”


Hindi ko kilala ‘yung tatay ninyo. Hindi ko nga nabasa. I don’t remember. Well, iyong cursory reading lang pero wala akong minemorize na mga tao doon sa listahan. I’m sorry if your father was there (I do not know your father. I don’t remember reading his name. I’m sorry your father was there).”


Even as he distanced himself from the narco list, Duterte claimed many of those in the list are involved in drugs.


“But really, most of those, nasa droga talaga. Your father (Perez) might be an exception. And you’ve — if you believe firmly that he was not guilty or liable of anything, well, it’s good. But the problem his name umabot doon sa listahan (But really most of them are involved in drugs. Your father might be an exception. And you’ve — if you believe firmly that he was not guilty or liable of anything, well, it’s good. But the problem is his name was there on the list).”


“Well, you will just have to look for the killers. Hindi dito sa opisina ko ‘yan (they are not in my office),” he further said.


Duterte reiterated his warning to officials of the government who are still involved in drugs.


“I’m giving you the warning ‘yung naiwan. Kayong ano, mga naiwan na mga drug lords diyan, well alam naman ninyo. You take the risk, you earn so much money, comfortable life, okay lang ‘yan. But at the end of the day, you know what the stakes are (I’m giving you a warning, those who are left. To those drug lords who are left, you take the risk, you earn so much money, a comfortable life, that’s okay. But the end of the day, you know what the stakes are),” he said.


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