Davao condo completes seismic upgrades


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Verdon Parc’s drop-off point along Ecoland Drive, Davao City. (Photo from DMCI Homes’ Verdon Parc)

DAVAO CITY – Seismic upgrades on the four buildings of Verdon Parc, DMCI Homes’ condominium project here, have been fully applied, implemented, and completed to raise the safety of the structures and meet current building standards.

The DMCI Homes’ construction team in Verdon Parc worked with the Office of the City Building Official (OCBO), Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers (PICE), and principal consultant Macro Consulting Structural Engineers Company (MACRO CSE), to plan, implement and enforce structural enhancements on its sole project in Davao following the high seismic activity in the Mindanao last year.

The structural enhancement plan was devised after various surveys, inspections, and tests performed by the OCBO, PICE, and MACRO CSE on the structures.

MACRO CSE managing partner, Engr. Ronald C. Santiago, said non-destructive concrete testing like Schmidt Hammer test and Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity tests were performed to check the actual condition of the concrete while destructive concrete and rebar testing were performed to check the quality of concrete and reinforcing bars.

“To do these, concrete samples were extracted and subjected to compression test and reinforcing bars were extracted and subjected to tensile test,” Santiago said.

MACRO CSE, according to Santiago, provided calculations based on the results of the tests, which were then reviewed and fine-tuned by the OCBO with the assistance of PICE.

In accordance with the approved plan, all four buildings of Verdon Parc — Martel, Belvedere, Trevans, and Maurin — underwent structural stability enhancement methods that include a seismic load and response upgrade, which is a retrofitting technology that raises the life safety performance of a structure to earthquakes.

Moreover, Santiago said the buildings’ columns and beams have also been reinforced with carbon fiber while sturdy cross-brace and knee-brace have been installed in strategic locations inside the structures to further support foundation posts and beams.

Apart from the structural upgrades, DMCI Homes carried out the rectification of the residential units, enhancements of landscaped areas and open spaces, and the rehabilitation of the condominium’s fixtures and amenities such as the swimming pool complex and children’s play area to ensure the safety and comfort of the residents.

“As we start the turnover of the Belvedere building this month, our clients can be assured that Verdon Parc is up to the latest seismic safety standards. We have also enhanced the property’s features and property management services to complete residents’ resort-living experience at Verdon Parc,” DMCI Homes vice president for project development Dennis Yap said.

Turnover of Verdon Parc’s two other buildings, Trevans and Maurin buildings, on the other hand, will proceed as committed in February 2021 and October 2021 respectively according to Yap. (PR)


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