Best Christmas gifts for your studying inaanaks


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Ninongs and Ninangs! The most wonderful time of the year is indeed near and your Inaanaks are more than excited to hear from you in this season of gift-giving. 

So to be the best godparents out there, it’s best to prepare a list of presents for Christmas while your godchildren are hunting you down for their aguinaldo. 

Here are some of the best Christmas gift ideas that any studious inaanaks would be excited to unbox. 

Coffee Maker

Most students can no longer function at their best without their much-needed coffee. In times of cramming for their exams and unanswered modules, it’s the fresh cup of coffee at home that gives them their needed boost. A coffee maker will be the ideal Christmas present for your godchild who enjoys a frequent caffeine intake. 


Bed Tray 

Bed trays and lap desks now go beyond breakfast duty. In the time of work from home set up and online classes, it is now a must-have for people who lounge, study and work at the comfort of your beds. It’s convenient to use and can provide support to the spine when sitting on the bed for an extended duration. 


Desk Organizer 

With a lot of online outputs, projects, assignments, and modules, students probably no longer have the time to organize their things at home. Gadgets, books, papers, chargers, and pens are most likely scattered all over their desks or beds. That is why a desk organizer will be an ideal Christmas present for your studious godchild to help them keep track of their school-related essentials. 



For your Inaanak who loves reading books, they will surely be interested in some book-centered technology. An Amazon Kindle will not only give one access to an entire library on such a small package, but it will also give comfort to the eyes with its paper-like screen display. 


WiFi Router 

A slow internet connection is the worst enemy of every student in these trying times. So for your Inaanak whose WiFi is always too slow, the Huawei B818 will be the ideal gift. It can provide uninterrupted Internet access thanks to the combination of a mobile network and an Ethernet connection.


Screen Safe Glasses

Online classes forced everyone to shift to the digital platform. That means students are now dependent on their gadgets in consuming reading materials for their classes and are now exposed to more digital screen time. To protect your godchild’s eyes from the glaring lights of their gadgets, anti-radiation glasses are the perfect present to give. 



Students of all ages are now doing a lot of video calls due to online distance learning. What better item to give them this Christmas than a headset? A headset is now a must-have item for students and will benefit those who will be participating in more than a few consecutive hours of remote learning each day.



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