Beauty Gonzalez proud to be a symbol of women empowerment in ‘I Got You’


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Beauty Gonzalez as Del in “I Got You”

“You don’t always have to be with a guy in order to be happy,” declared Beauty Gonzalez, who plays a psychiatrist in the series “I Got You,” adding that her goal was for her character to be a symbol of women empowerment.

“She’s a single parent but an accomplished professional. Through her, I want other women to know that their feelings and dreams are valid. They should always reach for their dreams, and that these shouldn’t be a second priority to what the men in their lives want. It’s important to love yourself in order for other people to love you back,” she told reporters during a recent virtual meetup organized by producer Brightlight Productions for the cast of TV5’s new romantic-comedy series.

“I Got You,” directed by Dan Villegas, also features RK Bagatsing and Jane Oineza in the lead.

Beauty said it’s always refreshing to portray “women of today” roles, like the one of Del. “Remember, just because you’re a single mom doesn’t mean you no longer deserve to be loved and treated well,” she pointed out. “Love is such a nice feeling. Don’t be scared to fall in love. If you get heartbroken, your family will be behind you. In Del’s case, her daughter will be the one to say to her: ‘I got you’ or ‘I got your back!’”

Beauty said she would always be grateful to her husband, Norman Crisologo, an art curator, for allowing her to pursue her dream as an actress. “I’m glad he gives me the freedom to explore what I can do as an artist,” said Beauty, who also played lead in two other successful drama programs in ABS-CBN: “Pusong Ligaw” and “Kadenang Ginto.”

Gonzales (right) with daughter Olivia Crisologo

“I’m flattered that even though I already have a family, I’m able to make people fall in love with me in a rom-com like this. I feel empowered,” she added. “I’ve already encountered people tagging me in posts with the hashtag #RKBeauty. I’m glad that the audience appreciates my love team with RK. Again, nothing should stop you from achieving your dreams. I’m thankful that I have a very supportive husband, who believes in me; and who is not the jealous type.”

Beauty said having work while the world is battling the COVID-19 pandemic is also another thing to be grateful for. “I was scared to return to work in the beginning, especially since we’re fighting an enemy that we can’t see. We sometimes don’t know that we already have it,” she explained. “But Brightlight made us feel really safe on the set. I appreciate it that they would make us change masks every four hours; that they’re very strict in checking our temperature before entering the set. Prior to working, I’ve already psyched myself that this will be the new normal and that I should act responsibly. I’m obedient and I follow protocols. I also make sure that I’m healthy.”

Beauty said she considered the quarantine months when she had no work as a sort of vacation, “because I’ve been working nonstop since I gave birth to my daughter Olivia. I was happy to have spent time with her. We became closer. These days, I no longer feel guilty to leave because she understands my work now. She has turned 4,” Olivia’s mom said.

“Before, I didn’t want her to watch my shows because she would also cry whenever she would see me crying on TV. Now, she understands that it’s just pretend; that work is good and that Mama will always be here for her,” said Beauty.

“I Got You” premiered on TV5 on Nov. 15. It airs every Sunday at 2 p.m., right after “Sunday Noontime Live.”


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