Ban on hogs, pork products from ASF-hit areas stays


Credit: Read the original article from Cebu Daily News Headlines.

CEBU CITY, Philippines—The ban on hogs and pork products coming from areas with reported African Swine Fever (ASF) infections will continue in Cebu. 

Governor Gwendolyn Garcia said that the province will continue to abide with the executive orders she issued with regards to the ban of pork products from Luzon and other ASF-hit areas until it is necessary to lift it.

This is a crucial decision as the demand for pork products is expected to rise due to the Christmas season.

“Definitely unahon nato ang mga nagbuhi og baboy. At least karon makaenjoy silag taas-taas nga presyo, and that is because despite of opposition, we insisted of keeping Cebu ASF-free,” said Garcia. 

The Provincial Veterinarian, Dr. Mary Rose Vincoy, assured the public that despite the ban, there is no shortage of pork products in Cebu because the pandemic temporarily suspended the operations of hotels and restaurants. 

“We actually have an oversupply due to the pandemic,” said Vincoy. 

Garcia also said that the quarantine on corn for pig’s feeds imported from other areas will still be implemented with 25 days quarantine for feeds from local provinces and 15 days for international imports. 

This is a way to ensure that the corn for the feeds are not in danger of ASF. Feeds from ASF-hit areas are automatically banned.

It can be noted that the national zoning and movement plan created by the Department of Agriculture (DA) dictates that dark green zones, or free zones, must only import hog feeds from light green areas, or protected zones.

As of now, the province is empowering the local windmills to produce more locally grown feeds so that there will be no need to import these.  This would also be another way to ensure that Cebu will always remain ASF-free. 



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