Balik Pasada program continues for certain Cebu City routes


Credit: Read the original article from Cebu Daily News Headlines.


CEBU CITY, Philippines—The Balik Pasada program of the Cebu City Jeepney Task Force will continue to accept applications from operators of certain routes. 

The task force is calling for operators to apply since there remains to be a gap between the demand for public transportation and the actual number of buses and jeepneys plying the streets. 

The Land Transportation Office in Central Visayas (LTO-7) and the Land Transportation and Franchising Regulatory Board in Central Visayas (LTFRB-7) will be accepting requirements and conducting inspections for the applicants. 

Only the jeepneys of the following routes will be accepted: 

1. 04C

2. 04D

3. 04L

4. 06B

5. 06C

6. 06G

7. 08F

8. 08G

9. 09C

10. 09G

11. 10C

12. 10F

13. 11A

14. 12D

15. 12G

16. 12L

17. 13C

18. 62C 

The application and inspection of the Balik Pasada will be conducted in the respective offices of the transportation agencies since the one-stop-shop won’t be available anymore. 

The inspection for the LTO-7 will be done at their Mandaue City office, while the LTFRB-7 will be releasing protocol and special permits at their Robinsons Galleria Cebu office. 

The smoke belching test and the releasing of travel line will be at the Cebu City Transportation Office (CCTO) at the Ramos Public Market. 

Lastly the Jeepney Task Force will release Balik Pasada permits at the Cebu City Hall Legislative Building. 

The task force hopes that more jeepneys will apply so that all 1,355 slots will be filled. Less than 200 jeepneys are currently plying the city. 



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