Taguig intensifies free immunization program

January 22, 2016 11:06 am 

By Christopher Lloyd T. Caliwan

MANILA, Jan. 21 (PNA) — The city government of Taguig on Thursday has intensified its free immunization program as it assured residents of the availability of vaccines in all of the city’s health centers, Mayor Lani Cayetano said on Thursday.

“Health and wellness are high on our priorities. Our city government makes sure that medical services are accessible,” Cayetano said.

Health officials said infants whose ages range from zero to 11 months are more prone to diseases.

“We all need protection from various illnesses especially for the very young people,” said Dr. Isaias Ramos, head of Taguig City Health Office said.

Ramos said immunization plays an important role in their survival as well as to the decline in the mortality rate of babies.

He said the vaccines could protect the babies from any infections and other diseases such as polio, tuberculosis, tetanus, hepatitis, and measles, among others.

To reduce the morbidity and mortality rate among children, the city government of Taguig is actively reaching out to parents to ensure that all babies are vaccinated.

According to Daisy Bulacan, supervisor of Taguig City Health Office, when a mother and baby failed to visit a health center for a scheduled vaccination, the city health staff would be the one to visit their home.

“We monitor all the babies who are taking and missing their vaccines. Through the ‘Reaching Every Purok’ or REP, babies who missed their vaccines will be visited at home and will be vaccinated,” Bulacan said.

All of the city’s health centers have available vaccines such as Bacillus Calmette-Guérin (BCG), hepatitis B, Penta Hib, OPV, IPV, and MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) under the Expanded Program on immunization.

“These vaccines are now available. All they have to do is go to the nearest health center to get it for free,” Dr. Ramos said.

Aside from the aggressive immunization campaign, the City Health Office has been conducting regular medical and dental missions that provide free health examinations, laboratory examinations, and free medicines.

Last year, the Medical Assistance Office and the City Health Office conducted a total of 142 medical missions and these were served to 38,193 patients and beneficiaries.

The hard-to-reach communities in the city were also given access to free medical and dental checkups through the use of mobile clinics dispatched to provide the same services.

The city government also prides itself in its implementation of Doctors On-Call, a program just like the 911 of the United States of America where an ambulance with a doctor and a nurse will be dispatched to respond to a medical emergency.

Other popular programs of the city government include the delivery of maintenance medicines for diabetes, high blood, and asthma to the houses of beneficiaries; the free anti-rabies vaccines for animal bites available (from 8 am to 5 pm) in 24/7 health centers in Barangay North Signal and Barangay Ibayo Tipas. (PNA)



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