Poe calls on authorities to charge persons showing firing weapons on social media

January 5, 2016 6:15 am 

MANILA, Jan. 4 — Lambasting the irresponsibility of some gun owners, Senator Grace Poe asked the Philippine National Police (PNP) on Monday to immediately track down and criminally charge the persons who have “the temerity to brag about firing their weapons” during the New Year revelry on Facebook.

Poe, chairperson of the Senate Committee on Public Order and Drugs, said authorities should make an example of those who blatantly violate the law and put other people at risk of injury and even death.

The PNP reported 61 stray bullet-related incidents during the holidays.

"Time and again, people have made a woeful excuse of merry-making during New Year just to satisfy their desires to fire their weapons. This has to stop," Poe said, adding: "Innocent people die from such irresponsible, insensitive and unlawful acts."

Poe was reacting to videos posted on Facebook that show people indiscriminately firing not just pistols but even high-powered firearms during the New Year revelry. In some videos, usually lasting two minutes, some were seen taking turns firing a gun at a dangerous trajectory.

"Our authorities should move quickly against these irresponsible persons, or else, they will never learn," Poe said in a press statement.

With social media, she said the PNP would not have a difficult time tracking down those seen discharging firearms in the FB posts.

"We have to show we are really sincere in stopping the irresponsible use of firearms. These weapons are meant to protect not kill civilians," Poe said. (PNA)



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