Guimaras homestay program for tourists on the upswing

December 8, 2015 8:03 am 

JORDAN, Guimaras, Dec 7 — The homestay program initiated by the provincial government here provided answer to the lack of places where guests could stay indefinitely.

The program gets boost with the addition of more than a dozen homegrown families hurdling the Homestay Development Course (HDC) seminar held at the local tourism office recently, according to Provincial Tourism Officer Angeles Gabinete.

On its maiden launching in 2010, only four families took part; but by 2015, the number has risen to 26.

The increase is attributed to the tireless efforts of local government officials who never wavered to transform the island into a tourist’s paradise.

The homestay scheme, Gabinete explained, is one bright spot for the provincial economy offering families an alternative source of funds by welcoming local and international visitors into their homes.

With the idea of homestay gaining ground, more families may be enticed to join the income-generating scheme, Gabinete said.

But first and foremost, family members must train in the fields of culinary, meal planning, budgeting, food safety and handling, and table setting. The objective is to try to create an ambiance of comfort almost akin to a real hotel but done more simply, and having an atmosphere of a home-sweet-home.

And the array of dishes will include typical Filipino food along with native drinks and cocktail, and other indigenous eatables.

“We are out to promote Philippine culture and time-honored traditions in Guimaras, a province which has proved to be an easy sell to tourists,” Gabinete said. (PNA)



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