Solon says PGH as a national university hospital would be more accessible to indigent patients

October 19, 2015 9:22 am 

MANILA, Oct. 18 — The Philippine General Hospital (PGH) may soon have sufficient funds to finance all its essential services.

Rep. Doy C. Leachon (1st District, Oriental Mindoro) has filed House Bill No. 6047 which seeks to declare PGH as a National University Hospital of the country.

The PGH as a national university hospital is granted with institutional autonomy and shall have the authority to recommend its annual budget to the President of the Philippines.

The Oriental Mindoro lawmaker said that at present, the PGH continues its noble mission of providing health care through the subsidy it receives from the University of the Philippines.

“Likewise, it uses its earnings from its pay patient departments, incomes from the laboratory procedures and pharmacy sales and donations from different organizations, among others, to finance its essential services,” Leachon said.

But such funds, Leachon said, are not sufficient to finance all its essential medical services and operating expenses.

He explained that the PGH is one of the tertiary state-owned government hospitals and is generally known as the hospital for indigent patients.

“It is considered as the biggest hospital with the 1,500-bed capacity. It is a mixed-use hospital with 1,000 beds for indigent patients and 500 beds for private patients and offers some of the lowest rates for patients,” he said.

As the national university hospital, the PGH is mandated to provide people with an accessible, quality and affordable hospital care and medical services.

It shall also serve as the laboratory hospital of health science students enrolled in the University of the Philippines.

Likewise, the PGH shall serve as a research university hospital in the field of medicine and other health care expertise and specialization responsive to the country’s health needs and problems, among others.

Under the bill, the powers and functions of the hospital shall be exercised by the Board of Regents, which shall be composed of six members.

This includes the secretary of the Department of Health (DOH) as chairperson; the regional director of the DOH Center for Health Development; the chairperson of the Senate Committee on Health; the chairperson of the House Committee on Health; the president of UP and the operations cluster/undersecretary of DOH.

Among the functions and powers of the Board of Regents are: to define in general terms the thrusts of PGH and adopt broad policy guidelines to ensure their implementation and to preserve the integrity of the national university hospital.

It is also mandated to receive and appropriate all sums as may be provided by law for the support of the national university hospital to the ends specified by law, and all other sums in the manner it may, in its discretion, determine to carry out the purposes and functions of the PGH.

The bill, which has been referred to the Committee on Health, carries provisions on the PGH’s management of funds, tax exemptions and reportorial requirements and auditing of accounts as well as rules of construction.

Leachon said that declaring the PGH as a National University Hospital will make health care more accessible and affordable to the people especially to the paupers and sickly patients. (PNA)



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