Russia may amend basic documents over U.S. national security strategy threats

March 27, 2015 2:19 am 

MOSCOW, March 26 — Russia may amend its fundamental documents, following the results of an analysis of the U.S. national security strategy, Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Thursday.

"No doubt, all the threats to Russia’s national security will be considered and studied," the spokesman said. "If necessary, amendments will be made to fundamental documents," Peskov said.

Russia’s Security Council said on Wednesday it had analyzed the U.S. national security strategy to find it had a clearly anti-Russian bias and was developing Russia’s negative image as compared with the previous version adopted in 2010.

"It stresses the need to contain ‘Russia’s aggression,’ first of all, in relation to Ukraine," the Russian National Security Council said.

"It notes that the U.S. will keep vigilant over Russia’s strategic capabilities, and also help allies and partners counter Russian politics. A special emphasis is made on U.S. continued interaction with European allies with the aim of Russia’s political and economic isolation ‘for its interference in Ukraine’s affairs.’"

Russia’s Security Council also noted that "improved ‘color revolution’ technologies will become increasingly widespread to remove political regimes undesirable for the U.S. with a high probability of their use against Russia.’" (PNA/TASS)



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