Military presses manhunt for wounded terrorist leader Radullan Sahiron in Sulu

March 3, 2015 4:59 am 

By Ben Cal

MANILA, March 2 (PNA) — Government troops in Sulu pressed their manhunt for Abu Sayyaf Group leader Radullan Sahiron on Monday after receiving intelligence information from a concerned citizen that the country’s most wanted terrorist leader was wounded and hiding in the jungle of Patikul, according to a military report.

At the same time, the military said the Red Cross chapter in Jolo also reported hearing that Radullan is nurturing a bullet wound, although it is not that serious.

Radullan is also wanted by the United States government which has placed a tag price of USD 5 million for his capture dead or alive.

He was reportedly wounded during a gun battle with pursuing Army troops in Barangay Buhanginan, Patikul, Sulu last Friday.

In that fighting, at least 25 Abu Sayyaf fighters were killed and 27 others wounded.

The report also said that aside from Radullan, four of his nine henchmen were also wounded.

Although the Abu Sayyaf terrorist leader’s wound was not serious, it has lessened his mobility, the report added.

The civilians in Sulu have expressed their full support to the ongoing military operation against the terrorist group.

Involved in the operation are the 32nd and 35th Infantry Battalions of the Philippine Army and a unit of the Philippine Marines. (PNA)



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