Solons want harmful insecticides banned in PH

January 6, 2015 11:24 pm 

MANILA, Jan. 6 — Lawmakers have filed a resolution directing the House Committee on Health to conduct an inquiry, in aid of legislation, on the increasing number of insecticides flooding the market, which did not pass the safety and efficacy assessment of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Reps. Rufus B. Rodriguez (2nd District, Cagayan de Oro City) and his brother Maximo B. Rodriguez Jr. (Party-list, ABAMIN), authors of House Resolution 1020 warned the public against buying nine “imminently dangerous” household insecticides, eight of them made in China.

“Insecticides are very useful in our everyday lives in killing harmful insects including flies, cockroaches and mosquitoes,” Rodriguez said.

“But there is a need to look into the situation and determine how we can prevent the entry of harmful substance into the Philippines and ensure that those who continue to bring them in are brought to justice,” Rodriguez said.

The harmful insecticides were identified as Tianshi Insect Killer, Big Bie Pai Extra Power Flying Insect Killer, Butiki Waterbased Multi-Insect Killer, and General Toad Aerosol Insecticide, Wawang Frogking Insecticide, Sun Universe Frogking Insecticide, Read a Dream Insecticide Spray, Baolilai Aerosol Insecticide, and Big Bie Pai Aerosol Insecticide.

Rodriguez cited an FDA advisory stating that the agency was taking measures to get the harmful insecticides off market shelves since these are not registered, are harmful to both animals and humans, and did not pass the safety and efficacy assessment of the FDA.

The FDA also advised consumers against six unregistered mosquito coils – Wawang Mosquito Coil, BaoMa Black Mosquito Repellent Incense Coil, Jushongwang Black Mosquito Repellant Coil, Kingba Mini-Smoke Mosquito Repealer Coil, Tianshi Black Mosquito Repellant Incense Coil, and read dream Black Mosquito Repellant-Incense Coil.

“Buying unregistered insecticide product is dangerous to health since the active ingredient is unknown and may cause harm to consumers, these insecticides are banned in the Philippines, and these toxic products are being smuggled and dumped in the country,” Older brother Rodriguez said.

The House Committee on Health shall be directed to conduct an inquiry, in aid of legislation on the above issues, and thus serve notice to all concerned, particularly the Department of Health, the FDA, the Bureau of Customs and other agencies and entities which may shed light and resolve the issue. (PNA)



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