Spain to be declared clear of Ebola if health worker given all-clear

December 3, 2014 10:53 am 

MADRID, Dec. 2 — Spain will be officially declared free of the Ebola virus on Tuesday if the health worker, who was flown home from Mali 10 days ago, gives a negative result for the presence of the virus in their bloodstream.

The un-named member of Doctors Without Borders was flown back to Spain after accidentally stabbing herself with a needle while treating an Ebola patient. She was considered at high-risk of contracting the illness, but has so far not developed the virus.

If the latest tests prove negative it will mean that on Dec. 2 Spain has passed the 42 days without any new cases of the disease being registered in order to be declared free of Ebola.

Should this be the case it will put an end to a period of 119 days which began on Aug. 12 when the missionary Miguel Pajares was flown back from Liberia in order to be treated for the virus.

Both Pajares and a further missionary, Manuel Garcia Viejo, died of the virus, but nursing auxiliary Teresa Romero was infected while treating Garcia Viejo in the Carlos III Hospital in Madrid.

Romero was confirmed as infected on Oct. 6 and declared to be free of Ebola on Oct. 21, although it was not until Nov. 5 that she abandoned the hospital.

Meanwhile the medical staff who cared for Romero were submitted to 21 days of observation from the day she left the Carlos III to ensure they were not infected and the last of those was declared free of risk on Nov. 26. (PNA/Xinhua)



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