Self-reliance on health get boost soon in southern Palawan with 3 new hospitals up for construction

November 12, 2014 11:37 am 

By Celeste Anna R. Formoso

PUERTO PRINCESA CITY, Nov. 11 (PNA) – The Department of Health (DOH)-MIMAROPA and the Palawan government broke grounds for three new 50-bed capacity hospitals in three municipalities in the southern part of the province as part of IHELP to give residents an advantage of becoming self-reliant on their health.

DOH-MIMAROPA Regional Director Eduardo Janairo and Palawan Governor Jose Alvarez were together Monday in Barangay Punta Baja, Rizal for the groundbreaking ceremony of a new 50-bed capacity municipal hospital on a 24-hectare land, also attended by Vice Mayor Suyty Macasaet, Mayor Alrie Nobleza, 2nd District House Rep. Eric Abueg and other barangay and local government officials.

In his speech, Janairo lauded Alvarez and the municipal government officials of Rizal for responding positively on the need to put a hospital that will take care of the health of the residents, who have no access to emergency medical support for a long time.

Janairo said Alvarez and the provincial government of Palawan were among the firsts to reply to appeals of the DOH to construct hospitals under partnerships that will take care of the basic medical and emergency needs of the people in distantly-located rural areas.

To the residents of Rizal, the DOH-MIMAROP regional director said that now that there will be a municipal hospital in their area, they should work together with the LGU to protect its integrity and credibility to take care of their needs.

Although he understands their need for more services to be offered, such as surgery, this cannot be placed immediately as soon as construction is completed, but assured that eventually, it will be in place with the support of local government officials.

Alvarez, on the other hand, said the municipal hospital, also specifically targets to provide medical and emergency help to the indigenous peoples (IPs) dwelling in the far-flung barangays of Rizal, like the Tau’t Bato (rock caves-dwelling people) and the Pala’wan.

The governor committed to Nobleza and the people he leads that he will work hard to ensure that soon, the hospital will be able too, to provide surgery, starting on minor operating cases.

With a funding of P50 million to be shared among the provincial and municipal governments, and the DOH-MIMAROPA, the 50-bed capacity hospital will also have an isolation room for infectious diseases, according to the governor.

He said that based on reports received by his office, Rizal is one of the municipalities in southern Palawan that has a record of elevated tuberculosis among residents.

“Six months from January next year, this municipal hospital will already be able to serve the people of Rizal. Eventually, we will complete the facilities, and we hope the municipal government will help us in this endeavor,” Alvarez stated.

From Rizal, Janairo and Alvarez traveled to the towns of Bataraza and Brooke’s Point for the groundbreaking ceremonies for their own municipal hospitals.

Also with funding of P50 million each, the new municipal hospital in Bataraza broke ground in Barangay Marangays, and in Brooke’s Point, in Barangay Tubtub.

Janairo said the soon-to-be completed hospital projects will give residents in southern Palawan with an edge, where their health is concerned.

“If residents of your towns and province are healthy, more good things come. You can work to provide for your families, and you can now bank on your health to provide you something to upgrade your lives,” he said.

Incidentally in Brooke’s Point with Mayor Jean Feliciano, Janairo and Alvarez also inaugurated a water supply project amounting to P119 million.

Feliciano said it will benefit residents of 18 barangays, who have previously no or limited access to safe drinking water. (PNA)



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