AIM recognizes 2014 outstanding alumni

February 27, 2014 9:47 am 

By Aerol B. Patena

MANILA, Feb. 26 (PNA) — The Asian Institute of Management (AIM) has recognized its outstanding alumni for this year in an awarding ceremony held at the Fuller Hall, AIM Building in Makati City Wednesday.

Among the recipients of the AIM Alumni Achievement Award for 2014 include Yashovardhan Azad of India, William Li-Yueh Huang of Taiwan, Ignacio Gimenez and Fr. Anton Pascual of the Philippines.

Yashovardhan Azad, who currently serves as the Secretary for Security of Cabinet Secretariat of the government of India was recognized for his contribution in the areas of preventing crimes, riots, narcotics and theft in that country.

His work has enabled him to improve the living conditions of the underprivileged, improve internal security and protection mechanisms for persons of high importance, and promotion of games and sports for harmony and peace. He completed his Master of Management at AIM in 1984.

William Li-Yueh Huang, Chairman of Taishin Securities Co. Ltd, is regarded as a leading figure in Taiwan’s financial and capital markets industry. Huang, who obtained his Master in Business Management at AIM in 1970, has aggressively participated in Taiwan’s capital market as a turnkey starter by setting up three investment advisory companies, two investment trust companies and one integrated securities house.

He was also instrumental in building Taiwan’s agricultural credit and finance system when he first started as chairman of Taiwan’s Agriculture Guarantee Fund and later as chairman of Taiwan’s Agriculture Bank.

Ignacio Gimenez, President of IB Gimenez Securities, has established multiple business ventures in a career spanning 40 years. After completing his Master in Business Management at AIM in 1970, he ventured into entrepreneurship by establishing a snack bar at the Manila International Airport in 1973.

He has since expanded significantly to cover nine industries including food, securities, malls, printing and publishing, health services, hotels, construction, property development and the establishment of a foundation.

Fr. Anton Pascual, President of Radio Veritas Philippines and Executive Director of Caritas Manila, was cited for “making a difference in promoting the sustainable development of Asian societies”. For Radio Veritas Philippines, he has sharpened the radio station’s programming to directly serve the people’s moral and spiritual needs which resulted to it being identified as one of the leading AM stations in Metro Manila.

As the Executive Director of Caritas Manila, he introduced management techniques to attract corporate and individual donors and meticulously reported fund usage. He has also organized the Conditional Cash Transfer Program of the World Bank and its Philippine version, “Bangon Pamilyang Pilipino”. Pascual completed his Master in Development Management at AIM in 1997.

Fr. Pascual, in his acceptance speech, stressed that competency and character are important prerequisites for being a successful leader.

“A leader must be competent and compassionate for him to be successful. It is not enough for our leaders to be intelligent or knowledgeable; they must also have the heart for the poor people, the ability to empathize with their concerns,” he said.

“Honest and principled leadership is important as the country faces challenging times,” the priest added.

Meanwhile, AIM President Steven De Krey stated that the awardees “exemplified professionalism, management excellence and social responsibility which have allowed them to make a mark, not just in their respective industries, but also in the larger society”.

“We look at them to serve as examples at this period of great economic prosperity and integration, yet with wider inequality within societies. Their works serve as examples of how we can work together in addressing the most pressing challenges of our times,” he said.

The AIM Alumni Achievement Award is the highest recognition given by the Asian Institute of Management (AIM) to its outstanding alumni.

Every year, the Alumni Association of AIM (AAAIM) and the Federation of AIM Alumni (FAIM) select and pay tribute to an exceptional group of members with excellent performances in various fields of professional, entrepreneurial or developmental endeavor.

A total of 125 alumni out of over 40,000 graduates have so far been recognized for their outstanding achievements related to the exercise of professional management in their respective areas since AIM produced its first graduates in 1970. (PNA)



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