PRC issues tips to ensure safety of Black Nazarene devotees

January 9, 2014 10:38 am 

MANILA, Jan. 9 — Black Nazarene devotees were advised by the Philippine Red Cross (PRC) to remain safe on Thursday’s religious celebration as millions of people are expected to gather in Quiapo to profess their faith.

The PRC said that those who plan to attend the procession should be physically prepared as it would entail long and tedious hours of walking.

Devotees should not forget to bring identification cards, medical information and emergency contact numbers in case of emergencies, PRC noted.

The PRC also advised devotees to be in proper clothing and footwear and avoid bringing expensive jewelry, and electronic devices to prevent them from getting stolen or lost.

It also suggested devotees to bring their own candies, crackers and bottled water and drink lots of fluids to prevent heat exhaustion, which was usually the case in crowded places.

To avoid accidents, the PRC cautioned devotees of possible hazards during the procession (e.g. motor vehicles, falling debris, etc.) and maintain proper distance to avoid unnecessary injuries.

It is also helpful for devotees to know their specific locations and exits. If with a group, PRC said that all should designate a meeting point in case someone gets lost.

Aside from knowing the exits, it was vital to know the location and means of access towards the medical stations, police stations and other available authorities within the area.

Children, elderly, pregnant and persons who are sick were meanwhile asked to avoid crowded places and instead stay at home and rest. (PNA)



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