More NCR schools targeted for spraying and disinfection

May 27, 2013 11:58 pm 

MANILA, May 27 — In time for the opening of classes in June, Dept. of Health-National Capital Region (DOH-NCR) continues its disinfection and anti-dengue activities in Metro Manila schools.

This, according to the DOH-NCR on Monday, will safeguard the health of students and schools officials from dengue and other diseases.

DOH-NCR Eduardo Janairo said that this disinfection, misting, space spraying and larviciding activities will lessen the emergence of food and water-borne diseases, respiratory diseases and dengue.

“We do not want students to get sick especially during the start of school year,” Janairo said, explaining how Metro resident were always at risk of acquiring diseases due to the daily exodus of people from neighboring provinces.

“They may acquire sickness from their place and bring it to their schools of workplace and we want to prevent this influx of disease from happening,” he said.

More health-aware

So far, about 20 public and private schools have been disinfected and sprayed for anti-dengue.

The disinfection and anti-dengue activities of schools in NCR started last May 8.

“People now are more aware of their health and the deadly diseases that can cause serious harm to their well-being,” Janairo said.

“It is important to seek immediate medical care whenever a family member falls ill to be diagnosed properly and be given the right medical treatment,” he added.

Fewer dengue cases

A total 2,761 dengue cases from January 1 to May 18 was reported by the Regional Epidemiology and Surveillance Unit (RESU) which was 64 percent lower compared to the same period last year (7,649).

It was also 45 percent lower than the previous five-year average (2008 to 2012), according to the DOH-NCR.

Ages of cases ranged from one month to 77 years old. Most (43 percent) of those affected were from the 15 to 49 years age-group.

Majority (54 percent) were male.

Most cases were from the cities of Quezon, Manila and Caloocan while seven fatalities were reported.

With the support of health officers, local government officials and the community, there has been a significant decline in the number of cases in the region from sustaining anti-dengue activities in their areas and the continuous reporting of dengue cases. (PNA)



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