DOST develops natural fruit drinks for Filipinos

May 24, 2013 10:24 pm 

MANILA, May 24 — The Dept. of Science and Technology (DOST) recently came up with natural fruit drinks that come in a ready-to-drink juice and concentrated juice drink to quench the thirst of Filipinos.

These are in three available flavors of the ready-to-drink juice, namely guyabano-nata, ripe mango-nata, and green mango-nata.

The Guyabano-Nata flavor is a mixture of sweetened nata de coco, natural guyabano juice, and sugar, a 100 ml contains fruit fiber (2.1 g), vitamin C (134.6 mg) and energy (139 Kcal)

The Ripe Mango-Nata fruit drink is composed of ripe mango fruit juice, sweetened nata de coco, and sugar.

A 200 ml of the ready-to-drink juice is equal to the 55 percent Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) for vitamin C and 7 percent RDA for energy for an adult male.

The juice can prevent and manage constipation, obesity, diabetes, and hypertension.

The Green Mango-Nata flavor contains the same nutritional benefits as the ripe mango flavour, a 100 ml contains 130.22 mg of vitamin C, 140 Kcal of energy and 2 g of fiber.

The read-to-drink juice is available in 500 ml and one-liter bottles and has a shelf life of six months.

The concentrated drink has two variants, the Carrot-Pineapple and the Carrot-Mango, that come in 375 ml glass bottles.

The concentrated juice drink can be stored up to a year at room temperatures — between 28 to 32 degrees Celsius.

Natural carrot juice and sugar are used as sweeteners. The drink is rich in B-carotene and vitamin A that increases body resistance and facilitates in the fast recovery of illnesses. (PNA)



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