Cayetanos score ‘dirty tactics’ to cast doubt on credibility of election in Taguig

May 14, 2013 10:11 pm 

MANILA, May 14 — In Taguig, the camp of incumbent Mayor Lani Cayetano accuses the camp of Kilusang Diwa ng Taguig (KDT) mayoral candidate Rica Tinga of allegedly employing "dirty tactics" to put into question the credibility of the elections in the city.

Nacionalista Party-Taguig legal counsel Atty. Lyle Nino Pasco said that the camp of Tinga has been feeding the media with false information in order to lay down the basis for the delay of the proclamation of the winners in Taguig’s local polls and subsequently cast shadow on the results of the elections.

Pasco issued the statement after the camp of Tinga threatened to file before the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) a Petition to Declare Failure of Elections in the city brought about by massive cheating.

The camp of Taguig mayoralty candidate confirmed to be preparing to file before the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) a Petition to Declare Failure of Elections in Taguig claiming "massive cheating, such as the use of pre-shaded ballots that favored Mayor Lani Cayetano and her whole ticket".

Speaking for the Kilusang Diwa ng Taguig, 2nd District Councilor Cheche Gonzales said that they have gathered evidences to prove that the Cayetanos, in connivance with Board of Election Inspectors gave out to voters, “pre-shaded, unauthorized but genuine ballots” that was received and read by the Picos machines.

“What the Cayetanos employed was massive, wholesale and systematic cheating using pre-shaded official ballots. This is alarming and we feel Comelec should take this seriously,” Gonzales said.

As of latest official count, Cayetano has 56,781 votes as against Tinga’s 34,459. The canvassing of votes remained suspended as of 4 pm on Tuesday.

“It is another desperate attempt to derail the imminent victory of Mayor Lani as she is poised to overcome her rival by a mile,” Pasco said.

Pasco said that the Tinga camp staged another one of their “black ops” by spreading lies to the media about the incident in Maharlika Village.

He said they also tried to make it appear that there were “pre-shaded” ballots being distributed by the Cayetano camp at the Signal Village Elementary School.(PNA)



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