LPG-MA partylist denounces black propaganda

May 8, 2013 11:27 am 

MANILA, May 7 — The Liquefied Petroleum Gas Marketers’ Association (LPG-MA) is denouncing the paid advertisements allegedly financed by LPG Refillers’ Association (LPGRA) claiming that they are “withdrawing support” for the party list group.

“They claim to be withdrawing their support but they were never affiliated with us to begin with. We never wanted their support because their members have been the subject of numerous consumer complaints,” LPG-MA party list Rep. Arnel Ty said in reaction to the paid advertisement published in newspapers by the LPGRA group.

Ty, a member of the House energy committee, said among the LPGRA members and signatories of the paid advertisement were two LPG refillers — X-5 Marketing and Five Star Gas Corp. — whose stations were previously raided by the authorities for allegedly cheating consumers through the under-filling of cylinders.

Ty also threw out as “meaningless” the LPGRA’s denunciation of the proposed LPG Regulation and Safety Act, or House Bill 5052.

“They say they don’t want the bill enacted. Yet, they can’t even cite any specific provision of the bill that they are supposedly opposed to,” Ty said.

He said no less than the 55 members of the House committee on trade and industry had recommended the bill, which includes a one-time LPG Cylinder Exchange, Swapping and Rehabilitation Program for the benefit of consumers possessing worn-out and possibly unsafe tanks.

“In the interest of public safety, we have to methodically collect some six million potentially decaying cylinders. This is one sure way to promote the safe consumption of LPG in homes and commercial establishments, and prevent accidental fires,” Ty said.

The measure also sets complete and rigorous standards meant to ensure the safe storage, refilling, distribution, transportation of LPG.

He cited the April 27 explosion of a truck loaded with LPG cylinders inside a refilling station in Barangay Tejero, General Trias, Cavite.

“We really have to pass new legislation meant to build up compliance with highly improved LPG industrial safety standards,” he explained.

He said many LPG industrial accidents actually involve illegal refilling stations that have little or no regard whatsoever for public safety as well as the wellbeing of their workers.

He said the April 27 accident was the third LPG truck-related explosion in recent years. (PNA)



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