All mayoral bets of FVR's hometown go for Espino

April 23, 2013 11:48 pm 

ASINGAN, Pangasinan, April 23 — Despite the announced support of former president Fidel Ramos to his nephew Hernani Braganza, Asingan, the local candidates will still go for re-electionist Governor Amado Espino Jr.

This after Ramos' sister former senator Leticia Ramos-Shahani, her son Ranjit, and all three contending mayoral candidates of Asingan pledged their full support to the incumbent governor.

Espino himself presided over a ceremonial joining of hands among all the mayoralty candidates of Asingan on Sunday, the same day the Braganza-Ramos-Agsalud clan held its reunion in another part of the town.

Shahani and her son were absent in that reunion attended by some 1,000 members of their clan where the former president called on all their relatives to work for the victory of Braganza.

The joining of hands of all mayoralty candidates also happened March 21 in Alaminos City, where Braganza is mayor.

The three mayoralty candidates of Alaminos City, with the exception of Braganza's son Leian, forged an agreement to back up Espino, which was construed as a big slap on the face of Braganza.

The case in Asingan is even more serious because the Ramoses are divided, with Fidel Ramos backing up Braganza and the Shahanis for Espino.

A division is also seen within the ranks of Liberal Party (LP) in Pangasinan in which Board Member Shahani formed his own party wing to further distance himself from his second cousin Braganza.

Earlier, a news report had quoted Ranjit Shahani announcing that 13 LP mayoralty candidates in the province had signed a covenant of support to Espino.

In response, Braganza called for an emergency meeting of the party and extracted statements from five mayoralty candidates, mostly from western Pangasinan, affirming their loyalty to him.

Asingan is one of the eastern towns Pangasinan’s 6th district, known as the bailiwick of the Shahanis represented by Ranjit in the provincial board. (PNA)



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