More than half of PCOS machines for Davao City yet to arrive

April 18, 2013 10:19 pm 

DAVAO CITY, April 18 — Of the 1,162 Precinct Count Optical Scanner (PCOS) machines needed for the entire Davao City for the May 13 elections, about 500 units have arrived as of Thursday, lawyer Danilo Cullo, acting election officer of the city’s third district, said.

He, however, confirmed the PCOS machines keep arriving and is confident the total number of units needed will arrive before May 6, the deadline set by Comelec to test the machines.

Cullo also said they also received information from Comelec central office that the ballot boxes needed for Davao City are already completed and ready for transport to the city. He said by May 5, all ballot boxes are expected to have arrived in the city.

Third district has about 254,321 registered voters and 297,930 in the second district. First District election officer lawyer Aimee F. Ampoloquio, however, said they are currently re-checking the exact number of registered voters to ensure its accuracy.

Cullo said Comelec has posted the computerized voters' list in the voting centers as early as February.

He, however, clarified that Comelec will be posting a new copy of the voters’ list on election day through the teachers who will assist in the electoral process.

Ampoloquio said they at the first district are now on the finishing touches.

She confirmed her office received reports of various violations on the designated poster areas policy.

However, Comelec first district did not as yet implement Operation Baklas, saying that the violating candidates will still be issued notices of violation.

Cullo, for his part, said third district is most likely ready for election day.

He also confirmed that the PNP and military will join forces to secure all polling centers or schools.

He clarified though that the PNP and military are prohibited to get inside the polling centers except for emergency security concerns. The authorities will stay outside the polling centers, he said.

Earlier, PNP 11 regional director Jaime Morente said only 10 percent of the 6,000 warm bodies of the PNP command will be retained in the offices bulk of them will be deployed for the entire Davao Region’s security during the election period. (PNA)



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