DSWD pilots door-to-door payout for senior citizens

April 18, 2013 10:19 pm 

ILOILO CITY, April 18 — Social pension from the government to 18,505 indigent senior citizens aged 77 years old and above in Western Visayas will just have to wait for a postman to deliver their monthly checks.

Department of Social Welfare and Development Regional Director Evelyn Macapobre said her agency is piloting the door-to-door delivery of pension to senior citizens this June 2013 by using the services of the Philippine Postal Corporation (Philpost).

In Iloilo City alone, more than 3,000 indigent senior citizens are registered to receive their monthly social pension of P500 each to augment their daily subsistence and medical needs.

Senior citizens may no longer need to go out of their own homes and bear long queues to be able to get their social pension from the government.

Through the implementation of the door-to-door delivery of social pension, the DSWD hopes that implementation of the program will be improved and become more efficient.

The recipients in the region came from 133 local government units and DSWD has allocated P27,757,500 for the first three months or January to March this year to qualified beneficiaries who will receive a stipend of P1,500 each.

The Social Pension covered 12,981 beneficiaries in 2011 when its implementation was started in Region VI. Modes of payment then were cash advance and transfer of funds.

In early 2012, the program covered 15,743 beneficiaries that later increased to 18,505 with the additional 2,762 new enrollees in November.

The same year, all of the 133 LGUs fully implemented transfer of funds. Total funds released in 2012 amounted to P102,744,000. (PNA)



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