SC set to rule on party-list cases Tuesday

March 18, 2013 10:35 pm 

MANILA, March 18 — The Supreme Court en banc is set to rule on Tuesday the deadlock of votes on all party-list cases pending before the SC.

In the party-list cases, it was learned in last Tuesday's en banc, it was a tie vote of 7 against 7 of the justices on whether or not the case should now be remanded with the Comelec.

Only SC Associate Justice Jose P. Perez failed to attend the en banc deliberations because he was on official business in Thailand at the time.

SC Associate Justice Bienvenido L. Reyes is the writer of the decision of the case and has reportedly prepared his draft on the guidelines on how to consider a party-list's accreditation.

This involves on whether or not a party-list must belong to the marginalized group or a mere advocate will already be considered as a ground for his/her membership.

There are now at least 95 petitions in the SC involving party-list cases after they were disqualified by the Comelec en banc.

Reyes is pushing for a partial remand of the case with at least nine party-list groups shall be allowed to be remanded with the Comelec for review.

However, Senior Associate Justice Antonio T. Carpio seeks for a full remand with the election court of all of the cases and to allow political parties to be part of the party-list organizations.

In case the justices failed again to come up with a final voting, it will then deliberate upon the case during their summer session in Baguio City in April.

Likewise, the SC will conduct oral arguments Tuesday afternoon in view of the move of the Comelec in removing the tarpaulin and banners containing the names of both anti and pro-Reproductive Health Law senatorial candidates put up by Bishop Vicente Navarra with "Team Patay/Team Buhay" markers posted on the wall of the San Sebastian Cathedral in Bacolod City.

The SC has issued a temporary restraining order against the Comelec.

The Roman Catholic Church vehemently opposes Responsible Parenthood and Reproductive Health Law of 2012 or Republic Act No. 10354.

There are several petitions before the SC questioning the legality of the RH Law and these cases are now pending.

In the tarpaulin, seven senatoriables were tagged as members of the "Team Patay" for having voted for the passage of the RH Law. Those voted against were tagged "Team Buhay".(PNA)



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