SIL collaborates with DepEd for MTB-MLE

February 4, 2013 11:40 pm 

By Paula Navarra

MANILA, Feb 4 -– The Summer Institute of Linguistics, a non-government organization, is collaborating with the Dept. of Education for the Mother Tongue Based-Multi Lingual Education for the indigenous communities nationwide.

SIL, which assists ethno-linguistics communities for sustainable language development, has been discussing with DepEd the implementation of MTB-MLE and status of the Philippine languages.

“SIL works in two fronts: working with partners and giving technical assistance that raise this awareness,” Catherine Young, SIL's multilingual education consultant, told the Philippines News Agency in an interview.

SIL gives teachers’ tools and instructional materials needed to better educate their students.

It also trains teachers in the different marginalized languages in the country.

Sue McQuay, SIL's publishing coordinator, said in many cases indigenous languages are not written and there is no alphabet or orthography immediately available.

SIL then researched and published books in the marginalized languages for students to easily understand their own language .

An example of this is the Ethnologue, a comprehensive dictionary on different languages worldwide.

It also published "The Singing Rooster," "A Manobo Chief Emphasized the Manobo Work Ethic," "Piakandatu ami Dr. Howard P. McKaughan" and "Studies in Philippine Languages and Culture" to further educate the country regarding indigenous culture and languages.

SIL also published an Ibatan dictionary, grammar and geneology book three years ago.

The book is accompanied with a map that shows the location of Batanes, where Ibatan is spoken.

Last January, SIL and the DepEd ARMM worked with Yakan teachers and community members in developing a spelling guide, with a straightforward description on how to write and spell in the Yakan dialect, to provide preschool and Grades 1 to 3 students reading and structural materials for their Mother Tongue Education.

The Yakan community refers to a group of Muslims in Basilan, an island south of Zamboanga in Mindanao. (PNA)



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