Cebu intensifies drive against double dead meat in market

December 16, 2012 11:24 am 

CEBU CITY, Dec. 15 — Cebu Provincial Veterinarian Dr. Mary Rose Vincoy said her office is intensifying its efforts in meat inspection in the markets throughout Cebu to prevent the sale of double dead meat this Christmas.

Vincoy assured the public meat inspection is also intensified in the abattoirs in every town and city in the province to prevent “double dead meat” to penetrate the market.

Ground meat, one of the ingredients in most foods served during Christmas, will also be checked if there is no frozen meat mixed.

The province’s veterinarians will also coordinate with the Philippine National Police for the possible confiscation of double-dead meat.

Vincoy assured that at this point double-dead meat are not yet seen in the market, but this kind of meat might not be avoided as the holidays are coming.

The veterinary office contacted the meat inspectors, meat control officers, municipal agriculturists and city veterinarians to monitor the meat shops and wet markets for the possible existence of this kind of meat.

Double-dead meat can be determined by its texture, color and especially the smell.

Vincoy said this is not safe to eat as people don’t know the reason of the death of the animal.

Vincoy advised that meat shoppers should buy pork or chicken from the stall owners that they know in meat shops or wet markets.

She added that it is also important to cook the meat properly.

She said there is enough supply of pork and chicken in Cebu and if there will be a shortage of production in the province, there are supplies coming from Mindanao and Luzon. (PNA)



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