Filipinos in U.S. give all-out support for Jessica Sanchez in American Idol

May 18, 2012 9:49 pm 

By Ben Cal

MANILA, May 17 – “Wala munang tulugan!”

This was the urgent call made by the Migrant Heritage Commission (MHC), a United States-based Filipino-American organization, to all Filipinos residing in and outside the United States to vote for Jessica Sanchez, one of the remaining three contenders for the coveted American Idol title for 2012.

The MHC, through Grace Valera, one of its co-directors, in an e-mail to the Philippines News Agency, said that Filipinos across the globe can cast their votes by dialing 1-866-436-5702, 1-866-5705 OR 1-866-5708 (300 TIMES) or TEXT vote to 5702 or vote online (50 x only) on Thursday, Manila time.

"We need your solid votes. Do not vote for other contestants,” Valera said

Jessica Sanchez, a Filipino-Mexican-American mestiza residing in California, is a leading contender for the 2012 Idol American television show.

The MHC is aiming to get 100 million votes for Jessica.

Valera has expressed confidence Jessica can get the votes needed to win the coveted title as shown by the 70 million votes she got in last week’s balloting.

The other two leading contenders are Josh Ledet and Phillip Phillips.

Valera said the whole world is watching the outcome of the 11th episode of American Idol.

Jessica’s tantalizing performance has impressed judges of the popular TV show.

Will Jessica Sanchez win the coveted title? Your guess is as good as anybody else. (PNA)



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