Filipino-US troops conduct boat raid in Ulugan Bay, Palawan

April 25, 2012 9:47 pm 

MANILA, April 25 – Filipino and American servicemen conducted a boat raid at Ulugan Bay, Palawan Wednesday, Philippine military officials said.

Lt. Anna Lea Palad, "Balikatan 2012" deputy spokesperson, said the exercise took place around 9am.

She added the 12 rubber boats — six from the Philippines and another six from the United States — were cast off Philippine Navy's LT-501 five nautical miles from the shore.

Palad said as the boats were only 300 meters from the shoreline, soldiers aboard slid off the small craft, and proceeded to swim to the nearest port.

They practiced what was termed as "port retake scenario" where participants recaptured the facility after being seized by suspected terrorist groups.

After the drill, soldiers from the US and the Philippines conducted "base recovery operations," basically the same exercise.

Palad said the exercise has nothing to do with the country's continuing maritime tiff with China, adding Balikatan is annual bilateral drill and planned months ahead.

She emphasized that the drills are only meant to increase the security capability of the Philippines and not aimed at any particular nation. (PNA)



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