PNP improving accessibility of its retirement services

April 24, 2012 9:51 pm 

By Melvinel F. Gasmin

MANILA, April 24 — The Philippine National Police (PNP) is improving accessibility of its PNP Retirement Benefit Service (PRBS) program starting with the activation of its regional units this year.

At the Talking Points program over DZRB Radyo ng Bayan on Tuesday, PRBS Deputy Director Sr. Supt. Richard Albano said the PNP is already coordinating with other regions for the activation of its Regional Units, particularly in Regions II, III, IV, IV-B, VIII, IX and XI.

“We are now working on the activation of our regional units or what we call PRBUs. The said units will help the retirees from other regions process their requirements even without going to Camp Crame,” Albano said.

The Deputy Director said the PNP also coordinated with the National Statistics Office (NSO) to help retirees facilitate the acquisition of needed documents.

“We coordinated with the NSO, made a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA), for easy access of documents needed for the processing of benefits. This will also help us determine and avoid illegal documents and fake ones,” Albano quipped.

In April 2011, the PRBS inked an agreement with the NSO to assist them in cross-matching birth, death, marriage and other registry records of claimants, both PNP personnel and their beneficiaries, to immediately verify the authenticity of documents and other data submitted by claimants.

Albano added that they are also working on the improvement of their Automated Teller Machine (ATM) card service in cooperation with the Land Bank of the Philippines to ensure the timely, equitable and efficient distribution of pension benefits.

A MOA with LandBank last March also launched the PRBS SMS Auto feedback system wherein a PNP pensioner or retiree may send his/her questions thru formatted test messages using either a Smart or Globe-enrolled cellular phone.

Presently, the PNP has 60,243 pensioners with an average 330 personnel retiring every month.

The PNP is giving the retirees nine months, prior to their retirement, to process their requirements. Albano said this is enough time for them to process everything and in some cases, clear issues about their legal accountability while in the police service.

On the other hand, the PRBS is also focusing on helping policemen who had sacrificed their lives while rendering service. Exit program seminars are also being conducted to prepare future retirees conceptualize their plans after getting their benefits.

“We are happy that we can see retirees retiring happily. It feels great to render service to those people who have also served the country,” Albano said. (PNA)



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