PA vows to promote peace and security for all Filipinos as it celebrates 115th founding anniversary

March 23, 2012 9:28 am 

MANILA, March 22 – As the Philippine Army (PA) celebrates its 115th founding year Thursday, PA commanding general Lt. Gen. Emmanuel Bautista said the Filipino soldiers remain committed in promoting peace and security for the nation.

"This celebration is undoubtedly an indelible mark of our forebears’ gallant fight for the independence of our people and unrelenting sacrifice to give birth to a free Philippine Republic," he stressed.

"The PA's continuing existence as a service and security institution, on the other hand, is so much a fruit of the resolve of the military generations that would follow – to include the present-day soldiers – to preserve the gains that our pioneers fought hard for, as well as promote peace and security for all Filipinos," Bautista emphasized.

The PA chief added that as a member of the global community, the Filipino soldier also braved foreign lands to help promote security, freedom of peoples, and democracy. In our intrepid struggles, we earned the respect and admiration of our fellow Filipinos and neighbors in the international community.

On local soil, Bautista said Filipino soldiers toiled hard to safeguard our people, our democratic system and structures, our diverse cultural heritage, and our land with its rich natural resources.

"In our campaigns, the Army soldiers learned valuable lessons that became the foundation of the frameworks and approaches that we used in our advocacies for peace and development," he added.

"Even as we pursue organizational development and capability upgrade initiatives, we faced challenges posed by the insurgency and other threats to national security, as well as disasters and calamities that frequented our country. Yet, we remained undaunted and determined in pushing for institutional and capability transformation that will enable us to deliver effective, meaningful, and substantive responses to national imperatives," Bautista concluded. (PNA)



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