Drugs shipped via pumpboats?

March 16, 2012 9:44 am 

TAGBILARAN CITY, March 15 — Pumpboat operators have been warned against the lucrative sideline of transporting illegal drugs to Panglao from other provinces.

Panglao Mayor Benedicto Alcala confirmed having heard of reports that some pumpboats supposedly ferrying visitors to tourist spots in Panglao have been commissioned to transport illegal drugs from other areas to Balicasag island.

Alcala said he already warned the pumpboat operators during their meeting early this week at the cultural center of Panglao.

The mayor admitted that the illegal drugs trade already penetrated the villages of Panglao that must have become spill-over market in areas made populous by the presence of the resorts.

He also confirmed having heard reports about some foreigners supplying and using drugs while staying in tourist destinations of Panglao and expressed lament that the authorities failed to intercept them.

The mayor also disclosed that a bar in Panglao, right under the noses of the police, has been reported to have become a drug den, but the illegal activities have never been acted upon.

Alcala also disclosed that informants have since been reporting about suppliers from Tagbilaran who would deliver drugs to Panglao at dawn.

The report had already been relayed to the police force in the town even during the stint of previous chiefs of police, but, until now, none of them had been arrested.

Recently, the mayor was told that the police have been following on two targets — for which he assured his 100 percent support — but, until now, there has been no result yet.

This made Alcala think that the police have inefficient intelligence network.

For his part, Police Provincial Director Constantino Barot Jr. immediately relayed the concern on the worsening drug problem in Panglao to the town’s chief of police who attended the command conference at Camp Dagohoy early this week. (PNA) DCT/RSV/AV/mec


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