NU hopes govt. won't raise fuel oil prices

March 6, 2012 10:28 am 

JAKARTA, March 6 — The Central Board of the Indonesian largest Muslim organization Nahdhatul Ulama (NU) hopes the government would not raise fuel oil prices.

"If it can, the government should not raise the price of fuel oil because it will burden the people," NU Central Board Chairman Said Aqil Siroj said here on Monday.

He said raising fuel oil prices should be the last resort and that the decision to increase prices must be accounted for.

"If the government is forced to do it, where subsidy has continued to burden the state budget and the government has taken the decision, then there is no problem to increase it but it should be a last resort," Siroj said.

Referring to the government plan to provide a direct assistance, Siroj said the assistance should meet its target, namely the people who had the right to receive it, and it should be able to give them added values.

He said compensation should be provided in the form of empowerment such as working capital, educational subsidy,among others, that improve their welfare.

"We do not agree if the compensation is given in the form of direct cash assistance (BLT) because it does not empower them," the NU chairman said.

The government has proposed options to the House of Representatives, namely,the government raises the prices of subsidized premium gasoline by Rp1,500 from Rp4,500 to Rp6,000 per liter and diesel oil by Rp1,500 from Rp4,500 to Rp6,000 per liter.

The second option is that the government provides a fixed subsidy of Rp2,000 per liter for both types of fuel oil. (PNA/Antara)



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