Wagga Wagga residents evacuated as flood escalates in Australia's New South Wales

March 5, 2012 11:30 am 

SYDNEY, March 5 — Hundreds of Australian residents in the southern New South Wales (NSW) city of Wagga Wagga have been ordered to leave their homes as the city's Murrumbidgee River is expected to reach major flood levels on Monday, local media reported.

Residents of 300 properties in Wagga Wagga's north were given an evacuation order by the State Emergency Service (SES) on Sunday evening, the Australian Associated Press (AAP) reported.

People living at 145 properties in East Wagga Wagga were also ordered to evacuate around three hours later.

"It's a significant evacuation. The chances are there may well be more," SES spokeswoman Rebecca Riggs told AAP.

The Murrumbidgee River at Wagga Wagga is expected to reach a flood level of 9.6 meters at noon on Monday and could peak at 10 meters by Tuesday evening.

Around 3,900 people across NSW have been told to leave their homes due heavy rains.(PNA/Xinhua)



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