MIAA authorities conduct random checks on colorum vehicles operating at the NAIA Complex

March 3, 2012 1:56 am 

MANILA, March 2 — Airport authorities on Friday conducted random checks on public utility transport within the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Complex in Pasay City.

The random check is part of the collaboration of Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA), Philippine National Police (PNP), Land Transportation Office (LTO) and the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) aimed at apprehending colorum vehicles and NAIA-accredited transport victimizing unsuspecting passengers and other commuters.

Also in this effort is the PNP-Regional Highway Patrol Group and the MIAA Intelligence & Investigation Department whose task in the campaign is to spot and apprehend colorum vehicles operating at the NAIA.

The joint team effort started on February 20, 2012 after a series of pre-implementation briefing and planning sessions.

“We received numerous complaints from passengers and other commuters relating to overcharging, extortion, contracting passengers, tampered meter or commonly known as “batinting” and other abusive acts perpetrated by enterprising taxi drivers against them,” said MGen Jose Angel Honrado, MIAA General Manager.

It was learned that from February 20 to date, a total of 290 drivers have been apprehended, seven of whom have been turned over to the Pasay City Prosecutor's Office for inquest.

Fifteen different violations constitute the offenses of the apprehended taxi drivers. Among them are illegal transfer of license plates, improvised license plates, colorum operations, contracting passengers, overcharging, flagged-up meters, driving without license or with expired license and no Official Receipt (OR) Certificate of Registration (CR) or Certificate of Public Conveyance (CPC).

Other traffic violations were also committed such as disregarding traffic signs, no seat belt, illegal parking and non observance of the prescribed dress code. (PNA) DCT/OTO/utb


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