Senegal to hold second round of presidential election

March 1, 2012 10:05 am 

DAKAR, March 1 — A second round of election will be held to chose the next president of Senegal between incumbent president Abdoulaye Wade and former prime minister Macky Sall, according to the official results of the Feb. 26 polls released on Wednesday night.

Wade got 942,546 votes, or 34.82 percent, and Sall 719,369 votes, or 26.57 percent, in the first round, according to the results issued by a Senegalese court. A total of 14 candidates bid for the highest post of the West African nation in the Sunday polls.

The 85-year-old Wade, although took the lead among the 14 contenders in the first round, will face a hard battle in the run- off expected to be held in the second half of March.

Sall, also ex-Speaker of Parliament, urged the failed candidates in the first round to back him and a number of them have already expressed their intention to unite to defeat Wade.

"We have decided that there's no way that we are going to cooperate with Wade. It's clear, I can confirm that to you," said Moustapha Niasse, the candidate of the Benno Siggil Senegaal who came in the third position according to the provisional results.

"I do not see any sensible person who, after contesting the validity of the candidature of the outgoing president, could again change his mind and support such a candidate. It's impossible," Ousmane Tanor Dieng, who is said to have come in the fourth position, told the local press before the release of the final results.

Meanwhie, Abdourahmane Diouf, who is the spokesman of candidate Idrissa Seck, the former prime minister who was at the fifth position in the same election, affirmed that his supporters have already ruled out forming an alliance with the country's incumbent president.

Wade's supporters said the president could gain the support of the voters who did not turn out on Sunday.

The president has said he wants a few more years to finish his "grand projects." (PNA/Xinhua)



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