DSWD maintains stand on non-commercialization of human organ donation

February 21, 2012 11:43 am 

MANILA, Feb. 21 — The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) has maintained its position to the non-commercialization of human organ and tissue donation.

This developed as legislative proposals are raised in the House of Representatives to regulate human organ donation.

In a letter submitted by the DSWD to Congressman Alfredo D. Maranon III, Committee on Health chairman, the department believes that the regulation of human organ donation would also mean “selling and marketing of human organs.”

The DSWD further said that it is not inclined to support the measure that seeks to create the Philippine Network for Organ Sharing.

It is also the department’s position that, minors shall not be allowed as organ donors even to relatives. However, any individual, at least 18 years old, of sound mind and understands the nature and consequences of transplanting organs from his or her body may donate, by way of a written consent to the removal of a specific organ, for the purpose of implanting the organ into another living person.

The DSWD explained that it supports the enactment into law of a bill that seeks to institute policies to prohibit commercial donation of human organs, tissues, or any other part of the human body and provides penalties for violations.

For therapy purposes, the DSWD clarified that a person can donate an organ to someone who is not his relative provided that all other members of the immediate family of the recipient have been eliminated as potential donors. In this instance, to safeguard the health of the donor, he or she must be provided with after-care services, or incentives to defray lost wages, travel and housing expenses incurred which will be allowed to be reimbursed by the recipient.

The DSWD also batted for Department of Health (DOH) to develop a comprehensive program for the long term monitoring of donors who may have developed any medical problems after donation. (PNA) FFC/DSWD/mec


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