Massive car pile-up in northern Germany injures 13

January 21, 2012 11:51 am 

BERLIN, Jan. 21 — A massive pile-up accident on a motorway in the northwestern German state of Lower Saxony on Friday left 13 people injured, according to the latest police statement.

Contrary to earlier reports of one death in the accident, a police spokesman said no one was killed and 25 cars and trucks were involved in the pile-up instead of previously reported 50 vehicles. Two of the 13 injured were in grave condition.

The accident occurred as the setting sun dazzled motorists on the A1 motorway, with the first rear-end collision happening one kilometer from the junction of Cloppenburg. Altogether there were eight separate accidents.

The massive collisions caused a five-kilometer-long traffic jam that was cleared after a few hours' rescue operation.

The worst pile-up in Germany in recent years happened in April 2011, with eight people killed and 90 injured on A19 motorway due to poor visibility in a sandstorm. (PNA/Xinhua)



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