Pampanga folks resort to backyard gardening to cope with calamities

October 26, 2011 10:15 pm 

CANDABA, Pampanga, Oct. 26 – Local folks here have started cultivating vegetables and other high value crops in their backyards after several weeks of being submerged in floodwater.

Residents said they were left with no choice but to cope up with the changing climate condition, otherwise their families will go hungry.

"We will not let this thing happen to us," Lorenzo De Leon, a resident here, said.

The main sources of livelihood particularly in Barangay San Agustin here are farming and fishing and only a few of the youths are able to attend college and get jobs in urban areas.

However, this condition does not prevent them from being prepared for the impending effects of climate change.

With Candaba being a natural catch basin, residents said their experience in dealing with previous calamities have made them resilient and flexible.

At the onset of the flooding season, they start preparing their fishing gears, boats, flashlights, and food for fishing expedition, always expecting to get a bountiful catch.

"We do not really understand what is climate change. What we know is we can live no matter what is the condition. We are used to live with floodwater or even during drought. We can survive through good and bad times," de Leon said. (PNA)



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