LTFRB 7 tells anti-fare hike group to file position papers

January 11, 2011 9:51 am 

CEBU CITY, Jan. 11 – The Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) 7 has urged those who are opposed to the petition to increase the minimum jeepney fare from P6.50 to P8.50 to submit their position papers, so these can be endorsed to the central office as supplemental evidence.

LTFRB 7 Director Ahmed Cuizon said he submitted last week to the LTFRB-Manila the result of the public hearing recently conducted by Legal Officer Jose Douglas Sanson.

Labor unions and cause-oriented groups had described the public-hearing as “lutong macao” and “moro-moro” because the public was not represented.

Josefina Lim of the Associated Labor Unions (ALU) and Jose Aaron Pedro of Freedom from Debt Coalition-Cebu (FDC-Cebu) asked LTFRB and Cuizon to conduct another public hearing and invited workers, students, parents, teachers and office employees to attend.

”I am happy that they come out in the open. But even if I have already submitted the result of the hearing, it’s not too late for them to submit their position papers in relation to their opposition to the jeepney fare increase so I can endorse it to our central office,” Cuizon said.

Cuizon assured Lim and Pedrosa that the next LTFRB hearing will be conducted in a spacious area like Plaza Independencia or at the University of Cebu, and all interested parties and stakeholders will be invited through massive media information campaign.

Cuizon said the latest public hearing at LTFRB 7 was published in a local daily.

Pedrosa and Lim, however, said not all stakeholders are reading announcements in the newspapers especially if it is in a small space just for compliance with the law.

”I will seek to correct what has been practiced in the past. But in the meantime, I will request those who are opposed to the jeepney fare increase to submit their position papers,” Cuizon said. (PNA)



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