EU sets out recommendations to enhance air cargo security

November 30, 2010 10:52 am 

BRUSSELS, Nov. 30 — The European Union (EU) set out an action plan on air cargo security, the European Commission said Monday.

In response to the security alert launched after explosive devices were found on a Yemen-to-U.S. cargo flight, the EU announced a series of recommendations to enhance air cargo security.

At first, the EU should work on enhancing security control and risk assessment of air carriers, investing in research to improve detection technologies, and improving cargo and mail inspections through effective staff training.

The second recommendations aims at promoting better and quicker threat information sharing and at developing a common EU threat assessment capability in order to adapt security rules to new risks.

Thirdly, as a global approach is needed to improve security, the United Nations (UN) International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)'s air cargo security rules should be rapidly implemented by its member states, while the ICAO audits and capacity building initiatives should be used as primary tools to strengthen aviation security, including cargo in non-EU countries. (PNA/Xinhua)



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